Caffè del Cavaliere (Matera)
Filosofia del progetto

One of the first businesses to open in the Sassi. An enthusiast, his Maltese wife and a dream: to open a bar in an underground chamber. Taking a preliminary design as a starting point, much of the work was developed on site, reading the shapes of the clean rock, superimposing new furnishings and materials in the search for a new equilibrium. One fundamental idea was to avoid attaching any wires, systems or pipes to the rock. Everything went under the floor which, as it did not exist, had to be put in. A tangle of wires, ducts and air ventilation systems, with the fear that our efforts would not suffice to eliminate the unpleasant whiff of mould. However, everything worked, and the necessary magic was created so clients can linger over food and drinks, and listen to music diffused softly in this cave environment. The specially designed bat lamp still flies in the caves.

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