Ba Da Ling Great Wall's North Fourth Tower (China)
Filosofia del progetto

The 2008 Peking Olympics, a huge event, will turn the attention of world towards China.  At that moment, all eyes will be focused on its history, its culture, and its technological and scientific progress: magnificent new construction and airport roads, but also the rediscovery and enhancement of its most ancient monuments.  Definitely, among these, the most important role will be played by the Great Wall, the largest man-made structure in the world.  To allow the entire world to better understand the history and architecture of this magnificent work, we have visualized a theme park in one of the most noted tourist parks, Ba da ling, that can represent the essence of the Great Wall.  A theme park can, in fact, allow a countriy's history to be known by way of entertainment and experience:  have fun and learn.  The idea is to be able to appreciate China, the country of the senses, emotions and memories through knowledge of its history and geography. 

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